"Inaccessibility ... no problem...connect with EASY ALLIANCE"
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01-28-2022 19:32:04
EASY Alliance is committed to bring equal access to all interfaces for all. We are driven by feedback and reviews from users of products and services. We pro-actively work with designers, programmers, developers and even product managers and executives, to make accessibility be part of the organizational DNA. We also work with educational institutions and regulators to bring awareness and curriculum to these professionals.

We officially launched our services on 15 June 2015, the 800th anniversary day of Magna Carta. This is to highlight that the digital divide needs to be abridged for everyone in all aspects of our lives, and the society needs to adapt to this critical need.

The World Wide Web has been around for more than 25 years, and people with disabilities and seniors still find it difficult or even impossible to surf and navigate the web. Despite the advances in technology in the past two decades, these groups of people have been left out from all walks of digital life.  In addition, ADA is now 25 years old and still the regulations and laws are behind the technology curve and not easy to follow and enforce. The challenges are beyond the web. They include electronic devices, appliances and the fast growing networks of Internet and digital kiosks everywhere, that are part of the core public infrastructure, and have deeply engraved in our lives.